Sheet metal machining - Deep drawing and curvature

Deep drawing and curving are processing through which you can deform sheet metal into a concave shape. With this process you can achieve the desired shaping, keeping the thickness of the cold-shaped metal unchanged even through the action of the press and through a modelling mould.

The curving operation is different from deep drawing because of a different stretching ratio of the material fibres compared to the original part. Based on your design we can indicate which process is most suited to making your product.

When you want to make receptacles, pans, containers, cups and other whole parts with a certain depth, deep drawing is the ideal shaping technique. It can only be done with rather ductile materials. We have also made items such as car body parts, curved panelling, parts for metal furniture, weight-bearing structures for home appliances using deep drawing.

We make curving and deep drawing processes with moulds which we design and build internally, or by commission with your own moulds, appropriately checked by our technical office prior to use.
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