Mould building - Designing and manufacturing

Mevar srl, located in Val Trompia in the province of Brescia, specialises in the designing and building of moulds in quenched steel (Sor-1 or Sor-2) and unquenched steel and moulds in sintered material. Our machines enable us to manufacture moulds for the processing of various metals, such as aluminium, iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, and titanium of various thickness.

Our company designs and builds individual, progressive, and transfer moulds.

The organisation of our company allows us to monitor every phase of a project: from planning to prototype or mould building, to serial production planning until the industrial process of the sheet metal product.

Attention to detail in mould planning
During the mould planning phase we put all the experience and skills of our technical office at your disposal. We listen closely to your needs so that every detail is assessed, so that we can plan an item that makes you save time and money in terms of production.

The importance of the material and finishing of the mould construction
We take care of every detail of the mould, choosing the materials to be used with utmost precision, performing suitable and precise thermal processing, and applying wear-resistance coatings.
We make very complex moulds, such as punching and bending in progressive steps.

The types of moulds we plan and build are mainly for these processes: deep drawing, curving, blanking and bending. For in-depth info > see types of moulds.
Mould planning office
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