Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing - Wire electroerosion

Our company, in a renovated 3000 m2 factory, includes a mechanical division equipped with latest generation numerically-controlled tool machines. Among the processing we perform is also wire electroerosion.
Electroerosion consists in cutting using a brass wire (called an electrode) a defined profile, to achieve shapes that are very precise, even very small.

With utmost precision the machine achieves the required form in the project
Once the project of the desired form is achieved with the sheet metal, the data is digitalised, and the machine carries out the electroerosion process, following the specific indications to obtain the requested profile.

Electroerosion is a technique that ensures a lot of flexibility, which can achieve very complex pieces and perfectly shape all types of metal.

Wire electroerosion is a particularly indicated process for the processing of hard materials such as: sintered steel, rapid or heat-treated hardened steel. This type of cut can create forms or profiles of great complexity, complying with very exacting tolerances.
Note: any type of material can be cut as long it has good electric conductivity.
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