Precision machining

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The term that distinguishes us is versatility. Starting from the customer's idea, we give shape to the project, to the construction of the prototype or mould, up to the planning of any serial production. We can offer the most convenient type of processing according to the type of item and to the quantity to be produced.
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Mevar: maximum versatility
Mevar deals with the design and construction of moulds and with sheet metal processing techniques such as laser cutting, bending, sheet metal blanking, punching and precision machining such as milling and turning.

Thanks to our 4 departments - prototyping, laser cutting, mechanics and stamping - we can realize the complete production cycle of any item. In the machine equipment section, you can see all our technological equipment.
Various processes, certified quality
We offer companies the possibility of requesting just one specific service such as, for example, the construction of a mould, laser cutting, stamping or one of the other processes that you can find on our website.

We work materials to produce articles in aluminum, iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium. Our company obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification and the ISO 45001:2018 Certification, which testify to the efficiency of the management system of our production processes.
Precision machining
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Different techniques for all solutions
Mevar always offers a clear consultation for the best solution for your product.

Do you need to manufacture a mould for serial production of thousands of pieces? We design them with precision and manufacture them. In this case, coming up against an initially higher cost, you will obtain a lower subsequent production cost.

Do you need to make a new item and don't yet know the number of pieces you will need to produce? Our advice is to make an item with laser cutting or punching. The result will be optimal and you will doubtlessly keep costs under control.
We optimize your costs
The experience and the preparation of our technical department allow us to study solutions that lower the cost of the product, so that higher performing moulds can be manufactured, that give the same result with lower cost.

We can make the most of laser cutting technology which is reaching higher and higher levels until recently considered "impossible".
Optimized machining
Professional machining
We have been operating professionally since 1972
Our company was founded in 1972 as a mechanical workshop for third parties. The market volume generated by the economic growth of the 70s and 80s enabled us to constantly strengthen our departments. We started serving the companies of our territory, now we supply customers all over Italy in the timely way that distinguishes us.

We supply companies in any industrial sector: lighting, motor vehicles, automotive, machine tool manufacturers, electrical components.