Metal surface treatments

Sheet metal machining - Surface treatments

In addition to all the main activities of sheet metal working, Mevar also offers its customers its experience in the field of surface treatments.
Metal surface treatments
Prime contractor for "turn-key" products
Increasing requests of "turn-key" products have led us to create a real metal finishing department. Mevar therefore manages as "prime contractor" the development of new items, from design to production, up to the final treatment.

Being "prime contractor" means releasing customers from any liability: we control and verify every step in the chain, ensuring treatments and finished products which perfectly fulfil requirements.
Surface treatments and final packaging
On customer request, we can provide surface treatments of the highest quality. These are the most requested: galvanizing, coating, anodizing, cataphoresis, polishing and passivating, tumbling, washing, chrome plating, burnishing, sandblasting, polishing, satin finishing.

Finally, after the various production phases, we can also offer our customers the service of assembly and packaging. Packages and kits are composed and assembled by our warehouse that with precision and professionalism will meet all your requests.
Metal surface treatments