Special equipment for moulds

Special equipment

At Mevar we have always offered customers our problem-solving skills, thanks to which we can design and manufacture an equipment that can improve the production cycle of articles from various industrial sectors.
Special equipment for moulds
Equipment for optimised production costs
Our technical department, thanks to 50 years of experience and a recognized creative dynamism, is able to propose solutions that safeguard the characteristics of the product while optimizing production costs.
For example, we design and manufacture:
  • Equipment for trimming machine.
  • Equipment for bending machine.
  • Equipment for punching machine.
  • Control templates.
  • Masks for welding.
  • Positioning or clamping masks for CNC.
  • Masks for 3D laser cutting.
High quality materials for long-lasting production systems
Thanks to precise planning, we are able to build new equipment even in a very short time. Our in-house technical office is responsible for the project and controls all the production phases up to assembly.

Depending on the product and the sector, we use high quality materials to achieve maximum yield. Our production systems are reliable and can resist rough handling, ensuring long life.
Special equipment for moulds