Metal bending

Sheet metal machining - Moulding - Bending by mould

Bending by mould allows to optimize time and costs. The mould, designed and manufactured in-house, allows to make several folds simultaneously with maximum precision and repeatability.
Metal bending
Our presses for simple and complex productions
The initial investment, in order to be amortized, has to be supported by a series production or by the realization of the product with the help of a mould.
We have different presses with different tonnage that allow simple or complex operations. Mevar is an excellent partner in the development of products: we design, build and test the mould, ensuring that items comply with requests.

Equipment for moulding machines:
  • n.5 Galdabini hydraulic presses from 20 to 200 tons.
  • n.8 Copress mechanical presses from 20 to 160 tons.