Sheet metal drawing and bending

Sheet metal machining - Moulding - Deep drawing and curvature

Deep drawing allows to deform metals obtaining the desired shape by the action of a press and a mould. Curvature is distinguished from the deep drawing operation only by a different ratio of elongation of the fibres of the material compared to the original piece.
Sheet metal drawing and bending
Deep drawing and curvature allow to obtain perfect shapes
Deep drawing and curvature are processes through which you can deform sheet metal into a concave shape. Based on your design and our experience, we can show you which is the most suitable process for the realization of your product.

If you want to make containers, pots, cups and other similar items with deep cavities, deep drawing is the ideal solution. It allows you to optimize costs and processes, as an alternative to sheet metal turning, another important machining process that we can provide.
Deep drawing for aluminium, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass and titanium
We perform deep drawing and curvature operations on metals such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, brass and titanium. The moulds we use are designed by our Technical Department and built in-house. They are checked and set at the end of each production in order to maintain maximum efficiency to obtain a draw made to perfection.

Equipment for drawing and bending:
  • n.5 Galdabini hydraulic presses from 20 to 200 tons.
Sheet metal drawing and bending