Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal machining - Bending

Bending is a deformation process that can be done with specific integrated press brakes or with mechanical presses in which a specific bending mould is inserted. Mevar offers both solutions, relying on the internal design and construction of moulds and equipment. We therefore offer the customer the best alternative in terms of time and cost.
Sheet metal bending
Sheet metal bending with press brake
Bending using a press brake is a versatile solution that allows, in a short time, to obtain complex products. It is ideal in the prototyping and sampling phase because it allows to avoid expensive costs for moulds, but at the same time it also proves to be performing for series production.
Our LVD bending machine is equipped with Easy-Form laser that guarantees correct bending angles on the length of 3 meters. The scanners measure the working phase to allow the machine to automatically adjust the position of the punch, compensating for changes in material thickness, strength and rolling direction in real time.

Equipment for bending machines:
  • n.1 LVD Easy-Form 135/30 Press Brake L=3000 mm.
  • n.1 Teda Speedy 18.8 Press Brake L=800 mm.
  • n.1 Teda Speedy 16.5 Press Brake L=500 mm.
Sheet metal bending by mould (press moulding)
Sheet metal bending by mould is carried out thanks to the use of a mould mounted on presses (mechanical or hydraulic). This solution allows important time and costs optimizations.
Generally, the initial investment, in order to be amortized, has to be supported by a series production. Mevar is the ideal partner in this field, too: we design, build and test the mould in-house, ensuring items conform to requirements. We have different presses with different tonnage that allow simple or complex operations.

Equipment for bending machines:
  • n.5 Galdabini hydraulic presses from 20 to 200 tons.
  • n.8 Copress mechanical presses from 20 to 160 tons.
Sheet metal bending